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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a legal statement that specifies what the business owner does with the personal data collected from users, along with how the data is processed and for what purposes.This Policy applies to information obtained through your usage of this website, the pages of which contain a direct link to this Policy.

This Policy does not apply to information collected from other sources, whether offline or online. My 32 years of business legacy started in 1989 when I joined a sales man in a whole sale shop. Seven years later, the business of selling pooja equipment throughout South India became a success.

Then I moved to Palani, one of the famous places in Tamil Nadu to manufacture quality materials and to expand my business. That’s why we started J K Company. The company, registered in 2008, began to manufacturing and distributing our own pooja items and articles.In connection with manufacturing and distribution of pooja items I had to travel a lot across India. During This time I was able to provide financial support and manpower support to so many contractors who were carrying out govt. Projects.

The company, registered in 2008, has been making huge success in the manufacture and distribution of pooja equipment. J K Company were able to distribute around 1000 types of pooja items like different kind of bhasm (Incinerator), kalabha powder, Kumkum, Sambrani, Ramcham,Sandal,cotton yarn thread and articles like different types of lamps, photos, key chains, lockets, thulasi chain, rudraksh,spadik, sreechakra, chakra etc.

Stepping stone of Sikha Associates

I started a consulting company called Sikha associates in 2009 to give support both financially and in terms of manpower to the contractors those who were involved in Govt. project works. Apart from giving support for laisoning, financial and manpower to the govt contractors Sikha Associates were directly involved and successfully completed in Socio- economical survey, RSBY, Aadhar, Variant smart card projects Etc. Apart from giving financial and manpower support to govt contractors We used to give the same to approx. 400 soft ware companies and infra structure corporate companies who were involved in PWD works, Road works, dam works, airport works, solar works, EB works. We have started the proceedings of starting the new division called Sikha Projects & Investments

Entering to Organic Division

We stepped into this industry in 2012 with the aim of bringing good and unadulterated products to the public. Through this division we are distributing variety of natural raw materials like Pure Cow ghee, cold pressed coconut oil, ground nut oil, gingerly oil, pure honey, etc. Now we are supplying all these products to all over India.

Success story of Palani educational Trust

Investment has started from 2018 to enhance the education sector. Now one College and school is working under this Educational Trust. The Palani Education Trust is moving forward with correct and right strategies to bring more institutions under this trust.

Shikha Health Care India Pvt Ltd - Advancement to Health sector

In 2019, he became an investment partner of Femi Care. Started selling Femi care products after taking over that company later. Following this success, Sikha Healthcare was established in 2020. The Company has been successful in Tamil Nadu with an agency in every taluk. Sikha Healthcare Company is next in line with the objective of selling our product through agencies in all panchayaths across Kerala. Sikha Health Care Company already launched Charcoal Soap, Coconut Soap, 6 oil Soap, Pungam Oil Soap, Sanitary Napkin, Face Pack, Powder, Golden Face Pack, Wild Turmeric and Turmeric Saffron. The newly launched items are Neem hand sanitizer, Nilavembu hand sanitizer, lemon hand wash, aloevera gel, cotton gloves, cotton masks, goat milk soap, and cosmetic items etc.

Next we are planning to launch the following item

Around 300 good products like Non prescribed ayurvedic medicines, natural cosmetics, natural energy drink, baby food, energy food etc.
Our main objective is to supply high quality products to the rural areas which area available only in major towns and that too through our DSAs without any intermediaries
For achieving this goal company is giving all supports to DSAs including manpower